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The only one free magazine for education in Bulgaria!

Bulgarian Educational magazine is the only one free magazine in Bulgaria which is targeted for education abroad in whole country. With our targeting and distribution, your publications in the education magazine will be read by all interested in education abroad.

  • Bulgaria is small country on the Balkan Peninsula with about 8 millions inhabitants. Bulgarian students are very interested in studying abroad and their interest growing every year more and more.

Bulgarian free magazine for education is published twice each year - March and October. The target group of readers includes students, teachers and academics, professionals in sphere of education, educational organizations, institutions and embassies. The journal is important for all sides and levels in the educational system. The main language is Bulgarian because our readers are mainly Bulgarian citizens and it is important the information and publications to be useful and understandable for everybody (including parents who do not speak foreign languages).

Each edition of the International Education Magazine includes profiles of educational institutions (schools, language organizations, colleges, universities, educational foundations and organizations and so on) and their PR materials and education news. Some of our partners publish more pages for their better presentations and better results. The participants are from all around the world!

Bulgarian educational magazine is free distributed at the biggest educational exhibition in Bulgaria called "Education Beyond Borders" and many others places in Bulgaria. The fair is organized two times per year – spring and fall editions. All visitors of "Education Beyond Borders" receive free magazine for education with full information for studying abroad. This is very important because all candidates who want to study abroad need more information and details.
The exhibition "Education Beyond Borders" is the best place for students recruitment activities. The Global Education Magazine for Students gives information and choice to Bulgarian society and that is why we prepare it in an addition of all other activities which Bery Group provides. The magazine is a separate part of Bery Group Bulgaria and it is additional activity.

  • We created the exhibition "Education Beyond Borders" and the only one FREE magazine for education in Bulgaria because we provide useful and specific information in Bulgaria. This is very important for Bulgarian education and its development!

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October 2011


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